Established in 1994 as a producer of ready-to-wear leather & fur apparel and accessories, Punto is nowadays the leader in its sector.

Throughout the years Punto Group has risen to an eminent position within the luxury fashion industry. It is our objective to reflect the world’s current trends through our unique collections as well as set new ones to enter new avant-garde territories.

As a global brand, we strive to capture the attention of our customers with our appreciation for luxury items and unconditional attention to product presentation. At Punto Group we aim to solely offer exceptional product quality, prime sales locations, and authentic pricing. We make sure all of our products meet these important and highly valued requirements.

By offering a wide selection of products we have been able to build a strong client base. We believe that it is highly important to maintain genuine long-term connections with the customer. Our goal is to supply for life.

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customers are our headliners. One of the main components to keeping satisfaction up high is through distinct after sales service. We make sure to lend a hand at every step after it is decided to enjoy our endless variety of products.

Our customers get to experience first-hand what it means to be part of the Punto Group family. In order to sustain these valuable relationships, we make sure to know who our customers are and continuously update them about who we are. Carefully thought out events introduce our collections and communicate our core believes.

With an experienced team of designers and skilful support of our own R&D division, Punto Group has succeeded in inspiring innumerable international brands. Our design team seeks to create miscellaneous collections, with the prime focus on the customers’ needs and preferences.